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Being a father or mother has never been as difficult as today. Between the trip to the office and the lunch stop, only the working day devours almost half the time. If you subtract what you spend sleeping and doing household chores, there is little more than a couple of useful hours each day to fulfill all the obligations that the children demand .

If you feel identified with what we say is because you too are part of the new social strain of parents in distress. We recommend that you take a look at these mobile applications that we will recommend. Surely you find them very helpful with your children!

Apps that you should install as soon as possible if you have children

Apps that you should install as soon as possible if you have children



If you have teenage children you will already have realized that controlling their mobile phone is quite complicated. To solve this problem we present Qustodio, a mobile app with which to monitor your smartphone . You will be able to know who calls you, block inappropriate websites, know their exact location at any time and even filter the searches that the minor makes on social networks.

Download: iOS and Android




If you are obsessed with where your child is at every moment, Footprints is responsible not only to provide you with their exact location, but also a lot of extra information that will be of great help to you . For example, you can impose a geographical limit and when your child passes it the app will warn you. It also has movement sensors to know when your little one is moving away from the account. In addition, it projects maps in real time with the current location and previous locations.


Everyone worries about the health of their children. With Life you can make medical consultations online with certified doctors without leaving home . The app connects patients with doctors to solve their doubts about various ailments, including general health concerns, allergies, asthma, sinus infections, herpes, colds … The price of the consultation is 20 euros.

Download: Android


Organizing the whole family so that it remembers in the same direction is complicated. Dommus is a free app (although with the possibility of subscription) that was born for that purpose: organize your own . To achieve this, you can create a private space in which to share a lot of things, from the weekly menu to the shopping list, through the calendar, notes, lists, contacts or photographs. In short, an organizer or family calendar ideal to distribute tasks and avoid family problems.


We all need to put a private teacher in the lives of our children at some time. TeachApp connects teachers and students to give private lessons. Thanks to the geolocation it will be easy to find in your neighborhood a teacher of mathematics, English, chemistry, statistics, accounting or English, among a long list of subjects. In addition, as students value teachers through the app, hiring is quite safe.


Private banking – What services do you offer?

Private banking - What services do you offer?

Private banking differs from the banks that we usually use in our day-to-day business because it has clients with above-average assets and who have a special interest in investments. For this reason, it offers them specific services and according to their capital. Discover on this page what private banking consists of and what differentiating services it can offer.

private banking


  • How is private banking different from commercial banking?
  • What premium services does the customer offer this banking?
  • Where can we find personal banking?
  • How much money do we need to access it?
  • How much does it cost to be a customer of private banking?
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How is private banking different from commercial banking?

How is private banking different from commercial banking?

We understand by private banking (in some banks called personal banking) the most personalized service offered by some entities to their VIP clients, that is, those with a heritage that is well above the average. In private banking, they are advised on how to optimize their capital.

As we have already mentioned, not all clients have access to the private banking service, since a minimum equity is necessary and to meet certain requirements, which will vary according to the bank. In addition, the products and services offered by private banks are different from those of the traditional one.

What premium services does the customer offer this banking?

What premium services does the customer offer this banking?

Being a different part of the commercial, private banking offers its clients specific services. In each entity they are usually different, but in general there are some that are repeated in all banks:

  • The client will have a personal manager and a team specialized in investment. In this way, you can analyze the client’s special circumstances and have control over your assets, your preferences, your financial needs and, above all, your risk profile. Thus, an investment proposal can be designed and the pertinent periodic monitoring carried out.
  • In addition to a customized advisory service, the entities that have private banking offer discretional portfolio management services, sicavs and various customized products .
  • Being a client of private banking also usually provides a notoriously preferential treatment that translates into different advantages such as absence of commissions on some products, special cards, better conditions in the contracting of any banking product, invitations to exclusive events …

Where can we find personal banking?

Where can we find personal banking?

Almost all banks have a private banking service, unless they are small banks that have just been born or are highly specialized in a single sector. In fact, it is possible to find banks that are exclusively dedicated to managing large assets , that is, they do not have clients with medium capital. This differentiation is usually made between “traditional” client and private banking client because the products to access are not the same.

In private banking, there are usually personal managers who are responsible for guiding the client in terms of investments.

If you want to know which banks have the best services, on this page you will find the ranking of private banks in Spain .

How much money do we need to access it?

How much money do we need to access it?

The minimum investment to access a Private Banking service depends on each entity, although the minimum required is rarely less than 100,000 euros of financial liquid assets. In fact, in larger banks, the minimum is usually higher. Let’s see the most important private banks in Spain in the following table:

Santander Private Banking in Spain 90,000 500,000
CaixaBank Private Banking 61,091 57,469 500,000
BBVA Private Banking and Wealth 59,673 49,856 500,000
Bankinter Private Banking 31,200 31.123 1,000,000
Sabadell Urquijo Private Banking 25,837 28,694 500,000
UBS 16,000 1,000,000
Banca March 12.102 300,000
Deutsche Bank 12,172 500,000
Andbank Spain 7.640 50,000 300,000

How much does it cost to be a customer of private banking?

How much does it cost to be a customer of private banking?

All the advice obtained in private banking is not free. In general, we can differentiate three main collection models:

  • The bank takes an annual percentage of the patrimony that the client has. For example, one of Santander’s investment models takes between 0.4% and 0.8%, depending on the risk profile of the portfolio.
  • The bank charges what is called the ” success rate “, that is, it only takes part of the profits obtained from the investments (BBVA, for example, takes 10%). These rates can be negotiable and reduced if the benefits are high or the equity is very high.

  • The service is free and the bank only takes a portion of the investment management fees. However, this model is disappearing, as banks, in order to improve their profitability, have increased the commissions received, above all, from private banking clients, so that this does not affect private clients as much.