Barclaycard cards are now the WiZink credit card

The Barclaycard credit card is free forever and with it you can have up to € 3,000 in cash or up to € 5,000 in credit purchases without interest if you return the money in 59 days. Also, it returns 1% of all purchases you make with it.


No Payroll:
With Asnef:
Do not

Minimum term:
30 days
1 year
Minimum loan:
€ 1
Maximum loan:
€ 5,000

Additional Barclaycard information

Attention, the Barclaycard card no longer exists with that name, it was acquired by the WiZink financial institution. Now, the card is called WiZink, but it still maintains all the characteristics and conditions of the Barclaycard. You can get more information by clicking here .

Credit cards are a good alternative to quick credits. The new Visa Barclaycard card is free year after year and with it you can have free money without interest. In particular, if you need cash you have up to € 3,000 cash without interest if you return the money before 60 days. For purchases on credit, the limit goes up to € 5,000, which are also interest-free if you return them before 2 months, plus they give you back 1% of all the purchases you make with the card, with which you earn and save money with her.

Barclaycard is now WiZink To access the cash, the first transfer of funds from the card to the current account is free if it is made within 60 days of obtaining the card, and you can transfer up to 95% of the balance of the card with a maximum € 3,000.

In addition to the total payment up to 59 days without interest at 0% APR, as a credit card purchased by the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users, Journal January-February 2015), it allows to have money on credit and make deferred purchases to a interest much lower than quick loans.

The interest rate is really interesting compared to the quick loans, only 1.99% monthly or 23.90% TIN (26.70% APR), which means that if we request € 1,500 to repay in 12 months, the monthly fee comes out for € 141.77, having returned € 1,701.20 after one year, much more affordable than the traditional mini-loans.

To return the money, the payment options of the Barclaycard are very flexible:

  • Full payment up to 59 days without interest.
  • Fixed monthly amount from € 7.5.
  • 3% of the balance arranged monthly, with a minimum of € 7.5.

In addition to all the above advantages, the card offers many more, this is a summary of all of them:

  • No annual fee year after year.
  • Without changing bank.
  • € 0 commission on the first card-account transfer.
  • Without interest up to 59 days.
  • Return of 1% of all purchases.
  • Up to 50% discount on fashion, restaurants, trips, supermarkets, etc. in the Barclaycard Gallery discount program.
  • Exclusive advantages in Barclaycard Center and participation in raffles for concerts and other events.
  • Multiple free insurance included: ATM theft protection, travel assistance, accidents, protected purchase, extended warranty, protection for online purchases and anti-fraud guarantee.

Remember: Barclaycard cards are now the WiZink credit card